Have you ever scrolled through your social media wondering how in the world that stunning woman got into a pose balancing on one hand, with both feet behind her head, on the edge of a cliff, with a big smile on her face? Have you ever caught yourself feeling unworthy, not flexible enough, not the right shape, size or age to do yoga?

In a world so heavily concentrated with pictures and videos of yogis with out of this world practices, it can leave a huge portion of the population feeling inadequate or discouraged, not stepping foot into a yoga studio for fear of being judged - by others or by themselves.


We want to remind people that the yoga practice is for everyone, no matter their background. That this practice is in indeed accessible, and requires you to only come exactly as you are. We want to remind people that child’s pose can be just as beautiful and important as a handstand.

We want to celebrate the everyday yogi. From the yogis who fit in 30 minutes of practice when their kids go to sleep, to the yogis who wake up at 5am and practice daily. We want to celebrate YOU, or maybe your neighbor in Apt 3C, or your favorite yoga teacher from your local studio. We celebrate the yogi whose practice is seated meditation, to the yogi who takes 10 classes a week.

This is why we are creating our first yoga photography coffee-table book called My Yoga. My City.